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Dental Savers Package

Don’t have dental insurance?  No worries.  At Pacific Northwest Dental Care, your health and happiness is our top priority.  We offer a unique savers package for all our patients. 

Our goal here at Pacific Northwest Dental Care is to make dental care accessible to patients in all financial situations.  We understand health care is difficult to obtain without insurance and as your dentist; your oral health is our responsibility.  

Included with the annual Pacific Northwest Dental Care Savers Package

o   Two Exams

o   Two regular cleanings (to be diagnosed at new patient exam)

o   Necessary radiographs

o   Up to two emergency exams

o   Greater than 20% discount on all other treatment

o   NO Co-pays

o   NO Deductibles

o   NO Pre-existing Condition Denials

o   NO Hidden Fees 


How Do You Start?

Annual enrollment is simple, affordable, and pays for itself when you come in for your routine dental care.  The individual enrollment fee is $249, per person, per 12 months.  Click the link below to see our price quotes for common procedures and the savings!

Dental Savers Package